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Guide, Historian, Traveller
Hello to everyone! I was born and raised in Novosibisk, south-west part of Siberia, famous for its rough continental climate. Siberians are not those who aren't resistant to cold, but those who wear warmer clothes. I've learnt to see beauty in every detail of the world around me and to listen to the stories it has prepared for us.
Every Saturday and Sunday at 10-00 I offer a free tour. To take part in this tour please fill the form below. I'd be happy if you could add some information about your personal interests and hobbies. Knowing tourists better allows me to add personal note to every tour.

If you want to go on exploring the city with me or any guide from our multi-cultural and versatile team, there are more tours each day. I personally guarantee the best quality of each tour.
You can book a free tour using this form below
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Photo credits: marco mazzone/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

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