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Why I love being
a guide
Bringing to you this brave old world
I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge of Moscow with you, that's why I don't charge for my free tours every Saturday and Sunday. For those who are interested in exploring this city further, I offer taylor-made tours.
What you will get from me
A highly energetic expert is all that is needed for the responsible mission of the first contact with Moscow. Firstly, I possess vast knowledge and many years of experience in the field of Russian and Soviet history, art, monuments and mentality. Secondly, I'm able to manage efficiently all aspects of organization: routes, logistics, negotiations with locals. Finally, I communicate information clearly & effectively to people from all social and professional backgrounds. That is indeed the best recipe for an effective and positive encounter with the fascinating world of history: friendly and knowledgeable people who love their job and country and wish to share it. If you are eager to get the best from your visit, there's no better people to guide your through Moscow than people who know what they're doing and are passionate about it.
I'm really looking forward to meeting amazing new people, with whom I could share my personal experience and knowledge on history, culture, art and daily life, but more than that, get to know other people's opinions, interests and life stories, because learning such things is what makes life enormously rich and exciting!
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