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Experiences that have shaped me
In the middle of siberia
Since my first university year I was trying to bring together all my hobbies and passions to fully express myself. As time went on, I quickly gained a profound conversational knowledge of English, German, Italian, French and even Turkish. Whenever foreigners came to the university in my hometown, I offered them guided tours. These first tours focused both on natural landmarks as well as scientific institutes of the "Siberian silicon valley" as our academic town was called.
life under a volcano
When I came under the shade of Vesuvius, guided tours became my main job. I gave tours to Russian, English, German-speaking groups of adults, children and students across the whole Vesuvian area including Naples, Capua, volcano itself and all major archaeological sites.
I came back to Moscow 2 years ago to change lifestyle one more time.
Moscow in my heart
Now I decided to confirm my experience and guiding skills by a solid education at the university of tourism. This year I became a licensed guide. At the same time I work as a translator in the biggest Russian airline company, Aeroflot.
Over the past two years I've been giving guided tours around Moscow for both individuals and groups. Last summer I was tour-leader on a big expedition across Russian North for a group of Scottish tourists including professor of Edinburgh University, archaeologist Warwick Ball.
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